Why an au pair?

An Au Pair is a young resourceful woman between 18 and 30, who stays for up to one year with a host family. In exchange for board & lodging and an allowance, she will act as a "big sister" for the children and assist in housework, thus providing valuable assistance to their parents. There should be a balance between giving and taking: the Au Pair will be a part of the family and, at the same time comes to the Netherlands for her own development (training and social / cultural activities). An Au Pair is a solution for parents who appreciate spending quality time with their children and with each other: you get a few extra hands, young children remain protected at home in a secure & happy environment, and there is order, peace and regularity. 

Specialized au pairs

U-auPair specializes in trained, educated Filipino Au Pairs. Founder Patricia van Son strongly believes, from years of personal experience, that the best Au Pairs come from the Philippines: they are reliable and independent, patient and kind to the children. Filipino Au Pairs will teach children to respect their parents in a natural way. Their English is good and they deal intelligently with the children: our minimum criteria for an au pair is a Master or an Bachelor.

U-auPair knows from experience how to deal with cultural differences. The service does not end with the match of the host family and the Au Pair: on the contrary, U-auPair will assist you throughout our relationship with frequent communications and actions when necessary.

U-auPair has a close collaboration with NannyInc.